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24/7 Help Desk Services

Does your current IT solution respond quickly when you report a problem? Or do they take forever to get back to you?

If the latter option better describes your current situation, then it’s time to switch over to an IT partner that will treat you better. CEN Associates offers 24/7 help desk services, so when you need help you can get it right away.

  • Unparrelled response time: Not a lot of MSPs can claim that they offer 24/7 help desk services. Most are content to just take messages and get back to you when they get a chance. At CEN Associates, we allow you to decide exactly when you want to chat, instead of trusting us to call you back at the first available moment
  • Work faster, get more done: again, most other MSPs don’t operate a 24/7 help desk. We do. This will allow you to sort out your tech issues faster, which means there will be fewer delays due to downtime and you will be paying your workers to actually work instead of just hanging around waiting for something to be fixed
  • Ongoing training: some workers need a little more help leaning how to use new technology than others. We will guide individual workers through any problems they’re having
  • Remote monitoring: we will jump into action when there is a problem, but we would prefer there to never be a problem in the first place. We will watch your network for suspicious traffic around the clock, so that even when you don’t call us we are working hard to maintain your systems

If you’re a business owner, then you already know that missed opportunities are unacceptable. You’ve invested plenty in your employees considering the equipment you’ve bought to help them do their job, not to mention their wages. CEN Associates will help keep everything up and running so you can get more production out of your resources.

Contact us at (877) 239-1219 or rfrizzell@cenassociates.com for more details.

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