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Different industries have different IT needs. Some fields, like healthcare, require business owners to navigate through complex layers of rules and regulations, and equipment must be kept up to code to avoid penalties.

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Other organizations, such as defense contractors and financial services, are a prime target for cybercrime, making network security a top priority.

CEN Associates offers a wide selection of managed services. Your plan can be customized to meet all the IT needs that apply to your industry and you won’t have to invest in any services you don’t need.

Defense Contractors

There’s a lot of money in the defense contracting industry (Lockheed Martin, the biggest player in this game, recorded sales of $45.6 billion in 2014). Large sums of legitimately-earned money are sure to attract criminals who’d like to siphon off some of that revenue for themselves.

In the defense industry, there’s also the concern of international espionage (in September 2014 the Senate Armed Services Committee reported that state-sponsored Chinese hackers had infiltrated the networks of over 20 American defense contractors over the course of one year). CEN Associates knows how to secure your network and eliminate the threat of unauthorized access.

Financial Services

Concerns over network security are not exclusive to the defense contracting industry. Businesses in the financial services industry store a lot of information that can be converted into quick cash by criminals. These businesses also need to make an extra effort to prevent unauthorized access. We’ll protect you from web-based threats with filters and firewalls and by monitoring your network for suspicious activity.


There is an extensive system of checks and balances designed to keep the healthcare industry running smoothly as a whole. The high-powered bureaucracy is necessary, but it can be a headache in practice. We’ll optimize your equipment and secure your network so that your patients’ healthcare information is protected and your healthcare organization remains HIPAA compliant.


It isn’t easy to produce something in high volume with consistent quality. It’s even more difficult when your network is unreliable and downtime is constantly interrupting production. We will assess your entire network and upgrade outdated equipment when necessary to limit downtime due to hardware failure.

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