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Cloud Backup Solutions

Did you know that even a fire-proof safe won’t protect backup tapes and disks from fire?

Fire-proof safes are not designed with tape drives in mind. They may save paper documents, but the temperatures of a raging blaze can heat up the inside of a safe enough to ruin the film inside a tape drive.

This is why you can’t use tape drives, or any other sort of on-site storage, as your only way of backing up business data. You need a multi-layered solution to keep you protected from as many disaster scenarios as possible. CEN Associates stores backup images of your files off-site to protect them from disasters like fires and floods that destroy on-site backup equipment. Off-site backups will also protect you from more mundane tech disasters, such as hardware failures and accidental deletions.

Cloud storage offers many additional benefits, including:

  • Easy and safe online collaboration: migrating to the cloud will free your workers from the office. They’ll be able to securely access business data with their mobile devices and share files over public Wi-Fi
  • More affordable to scale up: with on-site equipment, you only have the amount of storage space that your equipment is capable of providing you. If you need more space, you’ll have to invest in more expensive hardware. Cloud computing allows you to tap into a huge network of servers with more storage space than you could ever possibly need. You can scale your storage limit up with the click of a button, no investment in equipment necessary
  • Cut costs: maintaining in-house servers is expensive. Every time there’s a problem you’ll have to get someone to come in and fix it, and when everything is working properly your tech systems will be responsible for a generous portion of your electricity bill. Shift those maintenance and electricity expenses to someone else by renting out storage space over the cloud

CEN Associates knows how to use cloud storage to cut maintenance costs and make your workers more productive.

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