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Cloud Consulting

What is the cloud and what can it do for your business?

Don’t be intimidated. The cloud has the look and feel of one of those snappy tech buzzwords attached to some fuzzy concept that only people in the industry seem to understand, but cloud computing actually isn’t too difficult an idea to grasp. There are some nuances we could delve into here, but all you really need to know is that the cloud involves paying for remote access to a network of off-site servers instead of working through your own on-site servers.

  • Disaster protection: on-site backups don’t help in every situation… a fire, flood, or some other catastrophic event could do enough damage to destroy everything on-site, including backups. Files backed up off-site on the cloud are safe from such disaster
  • Workforce mobilization: the cloud frees your workers from being tied down to the office. Instead of having to use workplace computers, your employees are able to share files and collaborate on projects over their personal laptops or smartphones from any place they can find with an internet connection
  • Cost-effective: you never stop paying for on-site servers. Consider the costs of the ongoing maintenance required to fix tech problems as they pop up and all the electricity required to keep the equipment running. These expenses are someone else’s problem when you rent server space over the cloud
  • Scalable: on-site equipment requires considerable upfront costs, and when your business grows you’ll need more of it. If business then slows down, you just wasted a lot of money in equipment you don’t need anymore. By renting out someone else’s equipment over the cloud, it’s much easier (and cheaper) to scale your capabilities up during growth and back down during slow times

Get more value out of your resources. We know how to use the cloud to make your IT assets, and as a result your employees, more productive.

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