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Cloud File Sync Services

What is the cloud? What can it do for your business?

Cloud computing is remotely accessing a network of off-site servers instead of using on-site equipment. Syncing systems and files to the cloud provides your business with many benefits:

  • Protect yourself from on-site disaster: to truly protect yourself from disaster, you need a comprehensive backup solution. Using on-site backups exclusively isn’t enough. On-site backups will save your data in many scenarios, but there are some disaster events (fires, floods, anything that results in your office being physically damaged) that can wipe out on-site backups along with the data they were trying to protect
  • Mobilize your workforce: storing systems and files on the cloud allows your employees to share files and collaborate on projects whether they’re at the office, in the field, or working from home
  • Secure mobile devices: using public Wi-Fi to work remotely is convenient, but it can open your network up to security risks if you’re not careful. CEN Associates will secure your mobile devices, so you can work at Starbucks and not worry about compromising sensitive business data
  • Cut maintenance costs: the expense of hiring IT support to come in and fix broken servers really adds up over time. There’s also all the electricity it takes to keep your equipment up and running. Migrating to the clouds makes all that upkeep someone else’s problem
  • A scalable solution: it’s difficult to plan for growth when you’re dealing with on-site equipment. When your business is growing you’ll need to invest in more expensive hardware, and then when things slow down you’ll have invested in hardware you don’t even need. Cloud computing allows you to easily scale your services up or down to accommodate how much traffic your business is seeing at the moment

The cloud is more than just a buzzword. CEN Associates knows how to use the cloud and other modern tech to optimize your equipment, secure your data, and get the most value possible out of your IT budget.

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