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Where Can I Turn For Reliable Computer Services In Manchester, NH?

Behind every great business is great IT support. Fail to maintain a reliable and secure network and the results can be devastating.

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The stats are truly scary. According to Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigation Report, over 700 million business records were compromised in 2014, which ended up costing the affected businesses $400 million in all.

That figure is likely going to be even larger in the 2016 report, and it will include some of your lost funds if you don’t start taking the necessary measures now to secure your network from unauthorized access later.

If that’s not enough to frighten you, consider that if you suffer significant data loss, it’s more likely than not (there’s about a 60% chance) the resulting financial troubles will be enough to put you out of business within a year.

Every day you go without reliable IT support is a day you risk losing it all.

A Growing Problem

Having computers at work have become absolutely essential for day-to-day operations, the popularity of smartphones is strong and growing still, and there is the potential for wearable devices to become more than just a fad.

As such, there have never been more access points to your network, which means there have never been more opportunities for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

The numbers confirm this obvious logic: there were 317 million new pieces of malware created in 2014, a little over a quarter more than the 252 million that were created in 2013. This is a problem that is not going away, in fact every year cybercrime becomes a more serious threat. 

The Cost of Data Loss

Your data isn’t replaceable.

At least, it’s not replaceable without making a considerable investment in the restoration process.

It takes an average of $150 per file to recover from a data loss disaster. Thousands of files are usually compromised in each individual event, so it’s easy to see how all it takes is one successful attack to put a lot of businesses down for good. Small businesses already running on a tight budget just don’t have the resources to recover from such an event.

Be prepared for disaster before it strikes.

The premium network security, equipment maintenance, and business continuity services provided by CEN Associates will lower the risk of data loss and allow you to recover every file lost if something does go wrong.

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