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Technology & Data Security

The cybersecurity threat landscape is always changing.

Technology is getting more complicated and criminals are finding more and more weak spots to exploit.

To protect your network, you’ll need a comprehensive IT solution that can adapt to fight off the latest web-based threats.

Email & Spam Protection

Malware can get onto your network by piggybacking on files attached to spam or phishing emails. We use filters that block malware-laced messages from ever making it to your inbox. Also, we provide ongoing training for your employees to encourage safe web browsing and attachment opening habits.

Wireless & Network Security

The cloud is convenient. It allows you to remotely access business data and work from your laptop or smartphone anywhere you can find an internet connection. We know how to adequately secure your mobile devices so that you can use public Wi-Fi and not worry about potentially compromising network security.

Backup & Business Continuity

There’s a lot that can go wrong with your network: malware infections, hardware failure, server-destroying floods and fires, workers accidently deleting critical files, etc. Without an effective backup solution in place, all it takes is a single disaster event to cripple your operations. CEN Associates provides backup and business continuity services that protect files and limit downtime during a tech disaster.

If you fail to effectively protect your network, you invite cybercriminals to take advantage of your weak security. Once they manage to sneak some malware onto your systems, they’ll have the power to spy on your operations, steal passwords and data, anything they want. The IT security services provided by CEN Associates will keep unauthorized users off your network.

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