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Defense Contractors

Defense contractors are a big target for cybercrime.

In 2014, the Senate Armed Services Committee completed a year-long probe and discovered that state-sponsored Chinese hackers had infiltrated the networks at least 20 American defense contractors during the previous year.

Even without the international espionage element, the obscene amount of money involved in defense contracting is enough incentive for ambitious cybercriminals who are less politically inclined and more concerned about making money.

Lockheed Martin could sell toilet paper instead of fighter jets and it wouldn’t make a difference: when a company records $45.6 billion in net sales for a single year (Lockheed Martin’s earnings for 2014), the industry as a whole is going to attract criminals looking to siphon off some of that revenue for themselves.

CEN Associates knows how to protect your sensation information online. In addition to network security, we also provide a wide range of other IT services that will cut your tech maintenance costs and make your employees more productive.

  • 24/7 help desk: most MSPs do not offer 27/7 help desk services. They’ll let you call in or send an email to report a problem, and they’ll get back to when they find the time. We’re there on the other side of the phone, always available to help immediately when you have a problem
  • Preventative maintenance: we’re here around the clock to solve problems as they present themselves, but we would rather stop those problems from ever happening in the first place. We will constantly assess your systems to look for vulnerabilities and make upgrades when necessary
  • Ongoing training: training your employees properly is its own form of “preventative maintenance”… we’ll make sure that your workforce knows how to navigate the web without making your network more vulnerable to security threats
  • Cloud migration: move systems and files to a remote server to protect yourself from on-site disasters and mobilize your workforce
  • Flexible pricing: it’s tough to plan for growth when you’re dealing with on-site equipment. You’ll need to invest in more equipment when you’re dealing with more traffic, and then if business slows down you will have made that investment for nothing. By renting server space over the cloud, you can easily scale up your capabilities during growth periods and save money by scaling down when things get slow

We will make your network more reliable, so your workers experience less downtime. Less downtime allows those workers to get more done during paid work hours, so you will get more production out of both the tech and human resources you’ve invested in.

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