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Email & Spam Protection

Have you ever received an email from a Nigerian prince?

That’s a classic and almost always poorly-executed scam. If the broken English doesn’t give it away, the implausibility of the whole scenario is enough of a tell.

But not all scams are that obvious. Some phishers are more skilled at their craft, and they’re able to convince intelligent, cautious people that their email attachments are legitimate.

Consider this example: some of the more clever scammers have found success by impersonating the IRS. Their emails are articulate. They sound professional. The most effective ones cloud your judgment by putting you on defense, claiming that you owe back taxes or some overdue penalty and you stand to be penalized even further with some steep fine if you don’t act now. Of course, you can download their exclusive payment software and get the problem taken care of right away… and that’s where they slip the malware in.

Sophisticated scams like these are worth worrying about.

  • Filter out threats: CEN Associates will set up filters that stop general spam and malware-infested messages from making their way into your employees’ inboxes
  • Monitor your network: we’re always monitoring your network. We’ll catch any virus that somehow slips though our filters and quarantine the threat before it can do more damage
  • We watch all outgoing emailIf something looks suspicious we can stop all email, remove the threat and resume normal operations.  This ensures your email services are never blacklisted
  • Ongoing employee training: even the best protection won’t help you if your employees aren’t practicing safe attachment-opening and web browsing habits. We’ll train your employees to be overcautious when deciding whether they should open an attachment or not

Protect your network. CEN Associates provides multi-layered email and spam protection to keep your system secure.

Contact us at rfrizzell@cenassociates.com or (877) 239-1219 for more information.

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