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IT services are important to every industry, but they’re more important to some industries than others.

For healthcare organizations, maintaining a reliable and secure network is absolutely critical for everyday operations.

Successfully running a healthcare organization requires an intense level of organization and communication. When servers go down, that communication and organization falls apart. In most businesses, downtime just results in a waste of company resources (equipment and employees) and lost revenue. In healthcare, downtime can prevent patients from getting the care they need, which is of course unacceptable.

Performing open heart surgery is just a little more complicated than navigating the tangled web of bureaucracy that makes up the healthcare industry. CEN Associates knows how to keep you compliant with all the many rules and regulations, and we will upgrade your network and have it running at optimal levels to boost productivity and limit future problems.

  • HIPAA regulations: we will make sure you comply with all the many HIPAA rules and regulations regarding technology, and this so you can avoid any penalties for negligence
  • Meaningful Use: to earn some substantial financial incentives from Medicare and Medicaid, you’ll have to prove that you “meaningfully used” EHR technology. We’ll boost your EHR tech’s performance so you can easily get those rewards
  • Backups: a mix of on-site and off-site backups will protect you from all sorts of different disasters. On-site backups are convenient and offer the fastest restoration times, while off-site backups act as a failsafe in case fire, flood, or some other disaster event destroys everything in your office, including on-site backups
  • Secure mobile devices: CEN Associates knows how to secure your mobile devices so that if a doctor or some other healthcare professional wants to look up sensitive patient information while they’re away from the office, they can use their laptop or smartphone on public Wi-Fi without compromising network security

We will keep your patient data secure and make your healthcare organization more efficient as a whole.

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