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We offer a complete range of managed services to businesses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Managed IT Services, network security, business continuity, cloud migration, 24/7 help desk support… everything you need to support your employees. We know how to make sure are not waiting around for tech problems to be fixed. 


How responsive is your current IT solution? Do they respond to support requests right away, or does it often take them awhile to get back to you?

You don’t have to leave a message with CEN Associates. We provide 24/7 live help desk support. There’s always someone waiting on the other side of the line for when you need to call in and report a problem.

New Hampshire

Is your New Hampshire business taking advantage of the many benefits that cloud computing has to offer?

On-site backups will protect you in a lot of situations, but there are some disaster events (fire, flood, damage from a severe storm) that wipe out on-site backups in addition to the files and systems they were trying to protect. Cloud-based backups protect you from physical damage. Back up files off-site and you’ll know that no matter what happens to your office, your important files will remain unharmed.

Cloud computing also allows you to get more production out of your workers. Rather than being limited to working only at the office, employees will be able to securely access business data and collaborate on projects over public Wi-Fi or at home on their laptops and smartphones.

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