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Managed IT Services

Your IT Systems Are A Significant Investment.

Protect Them With High-Quality Managed Services From CEN Associates.

There’s the substantial initial investment in your IT solutions, and then there’s the never-ending maintenance and electricity expenses required to keep that equipment up and running. Neglecting proper maintenance will result in an unreliable network, which is expensive in its own way with downtime because it limits your employees’ productivity and therefore produces less with the resources you’ve invested in your staff.

CEN Associates will allow you to get more value out of your IT budget by making your workers more productive and allowing you to depend less on on-site equipment.

  • Limit downtime: excessive downtime is unacceptable… you’re paying your employees to work, not wait around for equipment to get fixed. We will filter your email to stop malware-laced messages from making it to your inbox, and we’ll monitor your network to catch any viruses that slip through our firewalls and filters. That takes care of web-based threats: we also regularly assess your network, searching for outdated hardware and other weak spots that need to be improved before they develop into a real problem
  • Cost-effective via the cloud: it’s hard to get the most of your IT budget if you’re dealing exclusively with on-site equipment. Whenever business picks up you have to invest in more hardware, and if business slows again you’ll have invested in that hardware for nothing. The cloud is more flexible: by renting our remote server space, you can easily scale your service up during growth and scale back down to save money when things slow down
  • Responsive support: most MSPs will take a message and get back to you, but they’re not always available when you need help. Our 24/7 help desk is there for you at any hour of the day you need assistance

Not every business is looking to get the same service out of their IT solution. Maybe you’ve been in business for years and you’re just looking for a consulting session to learn what IT investments you should make now to accommodate growth in the future. Or maybe your business is just starting out and you need an entire network set up and maintained.  We know how to meet your needs at a price that matches your situation and your budget.

Contact us at (877) 239-1219 or rfrizzell@cenassociates.com to learn more about our managed services.

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