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I Am A Small Business Owner, Who Can I Trust With My IT Support?

Which company you choose as your IT solution is an important decision, as whether your network is secure or not is might end up being the deciding factor in whether your business sinks or swims. Just one attack is all it takes to shut you down:

55% of businesses close within 6 months of an online security breach.

But only superstores like Target and Home Depot get attacked like that, right? And all that noise happened a year ago…

The Target and Home Depot breaches weren’t the latest major attacks, though, far from it. In just the first half of this month, from May 1 – 15, big organizations including Red Bull, Starbucks, the Baltimore police department, and the German parliament sustained major online attacks.

Surprisingly, small businesses, even though they have fewer assets for cybercriminals to steal, are attacked even more frequently. In 2014, a majority of attacks, 60%, targeted small to medium-sized businesses.

This is because, unlike corporations the size of Target and Starbucks, you don’t have the resources to assemble a crack team of IT security experts to give your data the best protection possible. Cybercriminals are aware that, as a small business, you have limited resources. This makes you an easy target.

Who can you trust to adequately secure your network that is willing to work at a price you can afford?

In-House Employees vs. Managed Services

Traditionally, if you wanted to better secure your network the right way, with ongoing advice and implementation from a truly qualified expert, you’d have to add such an expert to your staff.

This would take a lot of time and other, more physical, greener, resources: you’d have to advertise an opening, sort out which applicants are truly qualified, and then invest substantial wages and benefits in which interviewee you deem the best fit (low-level IT workers will run you about $50,000 a year, a CIO-level expert will demand a six-figure salary).

But now it’s easy to handle the majority of your IT needs with a remote solution. Managed services (Hey! Did you notice CEN Associates provides managed services? Because we do) provide everything you get with in-house workers, all at a flat rate that is a mere fraction of what following the old wages and benefits model would cost you.

The only concern is that if you depend on remote services, what do you do when a problem demands an on-site solution? CEN Associates believes remote fixes are the most cost-effective (and actually effective) option whenever possible, but we’re also ready to jump in our car and get to your office quickly if you absolutely need on-site help in the Manchester – Nashua – Windham area.

Managed services will save you a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of your service. Contact us at (877) 239-1219 or rfrizzell@cenassociates.com for more information.

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