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Our Service Agreement

Don’t neglect your network.

Unreliable equipment and excessive downtime will waste your resources and severely handicap your production.

Any other local business that does maintain a functioning network will hold a significant competitive advantage over you, because their workers will actually be working instead of waiting around for tech problems to be diagnosed and finally fixed.

CEN Associates knows how to respond to issues quickly and fix them right away, but more importantly we are proactive and assess your network for weak spots and upgrade where necessary so that you have fewer problems in the future.

For one fixed annual rate, we provide the following services (all parts and labor included):

  • Network monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Support for Microsoft Windows and Novell operating systems
  • Support for Microsoft and Citrix applications
  • 24/7 live phone support
  • Emergency dispatch for on-site disasters

We are dedicated to limiting downtime as much as possible. Our comprehensive IT solution blocks web-based threats, eliminates hardware failure, and provides around the clock live support to help your more tech-challenged employees navigate new equipment and software.

CEN Associates is your partner for network security and maintenance. Contact us at (877) 239-1219 or rfrizzell@cenassociates.com.

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