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Secure Remote Access

The workplace is much more flexible than it used to be.

Instead of only being able to work at the office, employees can now use the cloud to remotely access business data over their laptop or smartphone from anywhere with an internet connection.

Workers are able to get more done when they can collaborate on projects at their own convenience.

But if you’re not careful, the convenience of public Wi-Fi comes at the cost of making you more vulnerable to security threats. CEN Associates knows how to secure your mobile devices, so you can enjoy the benefits of public Wi-Fi and experience none of the potential drawbacks.

  • Encrypt your communications: we use advanced cryptographic protocols to secure your network and eliminate the threat of unauthorized access
  • Comply with regulations: some industries, such as healthcare, force organizations to follow strict rules and regulations to ensure their mobile devices are secure, or else they’ll be penalized. CEN Associates has worked with a variety of clients and we’re familiar with the tech requirements across many fields. We’ll use this experience to maintain a level a security that is always up to code so you can avoid any possible penalties
  • Train your employees: the best defenses are useless if your employees aren’t taking the necessary measures to limit the possibility of your network being infected with malware or infiltrated by an unauthorized user
  • Stop thieves in their tracks: so we can protect you from web-based attacks, but what if your device is physically compromised? Your laptop or mobile device may be stolen, and the thief might be clever enough to take advantage of not just value of the mobile device itself, but also the private information stored on that device. We’ll set you up so that you’re able to lock your devices remotely so thief gets away with just a phone and not an all-access pass to your network

With CEN Associates, you’ll be able to sit down at a café and enjoy some coffee and pastries with your work without having to worry about compromising your network’s security.

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