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IT staff can be expensive.

You’ll need to invest in training, insurance and paid vacation/sick days (not to mention the actual wages) if you want to hire a new employee. And then there’s the time investment to consider: it’s a long process to advertise your opening, sort out which applicants are qualified, host interviews for the qualified applicants, and then finally decide which interviewee will get the job.

Why trust your own judgment when hiring someone for a job you’re unfamiliar with? Running a business takes an incredible amount of time, you shouldn’t expect yourself to be able to fit recruiting high-quality IT staff into your schedule as well, especially if you don’t really know what to look for when comparing applicants.

Outsourcing recruitment to CEN Associates frees you from the burden of hiring new staff and allows you more to spend more time to focus on your core business functions.

  • Better results: over the years we’ve established an extensive network of highly-skilled and experienced IT workers. This network allows us to provide your business more talented workers than what you’d be able to attract with your own recruiting efforts
  • More effective: you might hire someone who ends up not being a good fit, and then you’ll have to go through the hiring and training process all over again. CEN Associates will get it right the first time
  • Get help now: post a job opening yourself and who knows how long it will take for a truly qualified worker to apply. We’re ready to send over a qualified professional right away to take care of the tasks you need completed

CEN Associates will work with you to come up with a flat-rate plan that cuts down on employee-related expenses and still satisfies all of your IT needs.

Contact us at (877) 239-1219 or rfrizzell@cenassociates.com for more details about our IT staffing service.

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