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Storage Solutions

Reliable and secure data storage is a priority for businesses of all sizes.

Sharing information has become so important in every industry that even small companies have considerable data storage needs.

Text documents won’t add up to much of a problem… but audio and video files eat up a lot of space. Then consider all the graphics, emails, spreadsheets, and presentations that every businesses uses in their day-to-day operations, and you’ll see how even a small business can produce quite a bit of data. Our cloud storage solution provides a reliable and cost-effective way to store all that information.

  • Cost-effective: SAN and NAS devices are a popular data storage method, but relying too much on on-site equipment is not your most cost-effective option. Entry-level storage servers are a few hundred dollars a pop, and if you need more capability the initial investment in hardware will run up well into the thousands (or even tens of thousands). Renting out someone else’s sever space over the cloud allows you to forgo those substantial investments in hardware, plus you won’t have to pay for the maintenance and electricity it takes to keep those servers running
  • More service options than Dropbox and other high-profile cloud storage services: our customizable cloud service plans offer more options than what Dropbox and other top cloud storage providers have to offer. We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that satisfies all your storage needs and stills makes sense for your IT budget
  • More secure as well: Dropbox’s popularity has come at the cost of making the service a popular target for cybercrime, and the company isn’t doing near enough to keep out unauthorized access. They’ve suffered many security breaches in the recent past. They’ve been routinely criticized for lax encryption protocols. It’s enough of problem that online privacy icon Edward Snowden has called out Dropbox by name and recommends users “get rid” of the program because it is “hostile to privacy”

We know how to use the cloud to cut down your data storage costs, and we’ll take all the necessary measures to keep your information secure when stored online.

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