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Is your business protected from web-based threats?

There is no shortage of threats out there. As information technology advances it gets more complicated, and unfortunately the more complicated IT gets the more vulnerable spots there are for cybercriminals to exploit.

Once a cybercriminal infiltrates your network, they’re able to do all sorts of terrible things. Maybe they’ll make an effort to stay undetected and spy on your operations, stealing any information they think might be able to make them some money along the way. Or they might be bolder and lock you out of your own computer, demanding a few hundred dollars to unencrypt the machine, and if you don’t pay up they’ll delete all your files.

We know how to keep cybercriminals off your network, so no one is able to steal your sensitive data or wreck any other kind of virtual havoc.

  • Preventative maintenance: outdated hardware has no place in your office. CEN Associates will do a full assessment of your equipment to determine where you are vulnerable and if an upgrade is necessary
  • Email Filtering: one of the ways your network can be infiltrated by malware is by someone opening an attachment in a spam or phishing email. Without adequate protection, all it takes is one mistake from a single team member to infect your entire network
  • Around the clock monitoring: we watch out clients’ networks and look into any suspicious traffic so we can quarantine viruses before they spread
  • Secure your mobile devices: hosting systems and files over the cloud provides your workforce an easy way to collaborate on projects, but if you’re not careful that easy access comes at the cost of compromised security. CEN Associates knows how to set up your network so that laptops and smartphones can share and access business data over public Wi-Fi securely
  • Train your employees: even the strongest tech defenses can be breached if your employees aren’t practicing safe web browsing and email attachment opening habits. We’ll make sure your employees know how to get their work done while avoiding web-based threats

CEN Associates will protect you from disaster online.

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